Julie Aigner Clark

Yes you can.
Yes do do.
Yes you are.
Yes you will.


   Mommy Made is about celebrating the curiosity

   and delight of childhood, and recognizing that

   great mommies are, above all things, inspired to

   make the world a better place for kids. We do it out

   of love, because we want the world to sparkle for

   children. We do it out of necessity, because great

   moms adapt, create, and see the world though a

   child's eyes.

   I never expected to be an entrepreneur, but I

   always knew I'd be a mommy. In trying to make

   the world a happier place for my own babies, one

   led quite naturally into the other. Great mommies

   don't just make babies.

   They make babies smile

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Ever wish the hospital had sent your baby home with some sort of an instruction manual? Well, this is it. Research-based and chock full of the best info on stuff to do with your wee one, WeeSchool is smart parenting made simple. We help you know what to do, when to do it, and why it's important. WeeSchool includes the kind of fun baby entertainment Julie is known for, as well as oodles of additional ideas for important play time with your wee one. Pediatrician approved and parent recommended, check it out in the app store, or at www.weeschool.com.

Select Awards
    Ernst & Young
      Entrepreneur of the Year
    Working Woman Magazine
      Working Mother of the Year
Emmy Award (Youth Program)
       The Safe Side
     Parenting Magazine
       Most Indispensable Product
     Michigan State University
       Distinguished Alumni Award
     New York Times
        Best-selling Children's Author
       State of the Union Address
               CNBC Commercial
                  Meredith Show
     Keynote: Voices of Experience
         Keynote: Affiliate Summit
                  Profile Interview
   Michigan State University Profile
                     TEDx Detroit
         Make-a-Wish Foundation