"I never imagined I would be honored in such a way as during the State of the Union Address
as given by President Bush.
Having my oldest daughter by my side was the icing on the cake."

Julie wants to live in a world where work is for fun, cookies are for breakfast and the most frequently heard sound is that of children laughing.


Lauded as the first "maker" after going into her basement with a video camera and an idea for a baby video, Julie never expected to create a business that would change the world of children's entertainment. She was a teacher who left the classroom to work on teaching just two students - her own children. It was during her time at home that she realized how poor the content of children's television programming was; that understanding  became an idea that inspired The Baby Einstein Company. Julie was soon gracing the pages of People Magazine in a story about her entrepreneurial success. 


As a graduate of Michigan State University, Julie says, "I was the girl in the back of the room writing poetry. In a million years, I never expected to start a business!" Her authenticity is what most who hear her speak first comment on. Julie's passion for children and making their world a better place is contagious. After selling Baby Einstein to The Walt Disney Company, Julie turned her attention to another passion: child safety. Her Safe Side videos are used in classrooms around the country to teach young children how to best be aware and protect themselves from dangeous people and situations.

Julie's most recent business is WeeSchool, an app-based platform that helps parents understand the what, when, how and why of educating their young children. "Inequality begins in the crib," Julie says. "WeeSchool levels the playing field by giving all parents access to information that will help them give their babies the best start."